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Community Unity

Meka Diamond has spent her entire career in the service of others. She is a highly dedicated and resourceful Community Service Leader with a stellar record of community involvement and conflict resolution


The World Youth Foundation Executive

Serving as an Executive for 7 years. Meka Diamond has long been committed to rising up the next generation of leaders, and continue to stay laser-focused on this special initiative dedicated to that task. WYF programs continues to “Teach youth how to win in life, against all odds”, and empower youth to become social and civic change agents in their communities.


Grace Community Outreach Executive Director

Currently, to oversee the operations of the organization, Meka Diamond, a breast cancer awareness advocate herself, is appointed as the Executive Director. As the director, she makes sure that the overall objectives of the organization are achieved, that is, to provide education and support in underserved communities to promote health and wellness and access to affordable healthcare.


Angels Surviving Cancer Board Member

Angels Surviving Cancer, Inc. is a breast cancer survivorship organization whose mission is to Enlighten, Empower, Encourage and Educate the community about Breast Health Awareness, while equipping those fighting the disease with a sense of control and the motivation needed to maintain their quality of life.

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